10 – October Full Council Minutes

10 – October Full Council Minutes

Full council minutes


Minutes of the Full Council Meeting from 5th October 2022 held at St Peter’s Hall, at 8pm

Present:  Cllr Attrill, Cllr H Upton, Cllr J Aniskowicz, Cllr Spencer, Cllr Hennessey, Cllr Wilson, Cllr Lambert and Cllr S Morgan

Also Present:  Assistant Clerk (Kara Atkinson) and 3 members of the public.

22-075: Apologies, Acceptance of apologies and declarations of interests

No Apologies

22-076: To approve the minutes of the previous meeting held on 7 September 2022.

The minutes from Meeting held on the 7th September were reviewed and accepted. Proposed by Cllr Lambert, seconded by Cllr Aniskowicz. All Cllrs agreed.

22-077: Public Participation (15 mins) – to accept questions and comments from members of the public and councillors with a prejudicial interest. (max 3 mins per person)

There was public participation

22-078: Reports from County and District Councillors


22-079: Business Matters

Consider update on lease – Cllr Attrill

Cllr Attrill summarised the work between the PC and the PC solicitor over the last month.

Discuss grass cutting/groundskeeper tender – Cllr Morgan, Cllr Wilson

Cllr Morgan and Cllr Wilson will continue to work on this ahead of the next meeting.

Discuss Football Floodlight charges– Cllr Morgan

Requests have been received from football clubs to use the recreation ground fixed floodlights.

It was resolved that a charge of £20 per month be charged for colts and youth teams already renting the recreation ground for training and fixtures. All Cllrs agreed.

Allotments, Sandpits and Community Orchard

Consider update on well at allotments/sand pits – Cllr Morgan

To be discussed at a future meeting. Work day scheduled for Sunday 30th October

Discuss plans for allotment clearance – Cllr Morgan

The allotment needs its annual cut.

Consider update on Christmas tree – Cllr Morgan

Cllr Morgan has now planted the Christmas tree outside St Peter’s Church. Cllr Wilson will source a Christmas tree for this Christmas.

Consider update on Queen Memorial Tree – Cllr Morgan

Cllrs to review ahead of the next meeting.

Consider update on Kingsley Health Care meeting – Cllr Attrill

Cllr Attrill updated Cllrs on the date for the meetings, 20th October with Cllrs and 21st October for Parishioners, location: St Peter’s Hall.

Approve beer festival beneficiaries – All

Beneficiary amounts as follows total: £2,400

Primary School (outdoor learning provision) 400

Rec – floodlights 250

Haddenham Library 250

Rainbows 200

Brownies 200

Guides 200

H.E.A.R.T 100

WTG 100


Harbour School 100

Cricket 100

Wilburton football 100

Toddlers 100

St Peter’s Church 100

Baptist Chapel 100


It was resolved to approve these amounts. All Cllrs agreed.

Discuss byway fly-tipping update- Cllr Attrill

No update

Discuss warm hub plans – Cllr Spencer

Cllr Spencer updated Cllrs on the meetings she has attended and discussions she has had with regard location and volunteers. Adverts will be circulating soon.

Discuss Statement of community benefit for new homes – Cllr Duckworth

Cllr Duckworth is asking for time to scrutinise the statement of community benefit document

Consider Hall speaker system update – Cllr Upton

To be discussed at a future meeting.

Discuss Led light in the emergency sign/Fire exit at the hall – Cllr Upton

Work is currently being carried out.

Discuss Social Club replacement lighting- Cllr Upton

To be discussed at a future meeting.

Consider update on community Freehouse- Cllr Attrill

Cllr Attrill has adverts and a summary of progress so far in circulation.

Consider SIDs update- Cllr Upton

To be discussed at a future meeting.

Consider update on Lorry Watch – Cllr Attrill

Work is ongoing

Consider report on working to help careful driving of tractors through the village – Cllr Wilson

Cllr Wilson has contacted two local large farming companies to discuss the reduction of their farm traffic through our village. Discussions and ideas are ongoing. Cllrs thanked Cllr Wilson for his work on this.

Consider update on Rosemary bench and picnic bench – Cllr Attrill

Benches to be purchased.

Discuss plans for Cemetery Path – Cllr Morgan

Cllr Morgan in communications with the contractor.

12-080: Agenda items for next meeting

 Recreation Ground:



Wildflower seeds

Footpath – Hinton Way

Kingsley Health

Warm Hub

Hall maintenance