Council Meetings 2023

Council Meetings 2023

Finance and Full Council Council Meetings scheduled for 2023

On the first Wednesday of every month, expect August, the Full Council – all Parish Councillors – meet to discuss agenda items at St Peter’s Hall, at 8pm. A copy of the meeting agenda can be found under ‘documents’ and then ‘agendas.’ Members of the public are welcome to attend meetings and have the opportunity to engage in public participation (3 minutes per person) relating to agenda items during a designated part of the meeting.

Prior to the Full Council Meeting there is a meeting of the Finance Committee, this starts at 7.45pm in St Peter’s Hall. Financial Matters are discussed and payments are agreed. A copy of the agenda can be found under ‘documents’ and then ‘agendas.’

Meeting Dates for 2023 are:

Wednesday 4th January

Wednesday 1st February

Wednesday 1st March

Wednesday 5th April

Wednesday 3rd May

Wednesday 7th June

Wednesday 5th July

No meeting in August

Wednesday 6th September

Wednesday 4th October

Wednesday 1st November

Wednesday 6th December – this meeting will focus on financial matters for the Parish for 2024