Uploaded on September 1, 2021

Our defibrillator is a Heartsine Samaritan PAD SAM 500P with CPR Advisor, located within its heated locked wall mounted stainless steel yellow cabinet. The internal temperature is set to 8 deg C to prevent frost damage during winter.

We purchased a grey adult PAD pack, and a pink infant PAD pack for children aged one to eight years. These packs come with integral battery packs. The paper user manual is in the cabinet. Additionally we bought a “rescue kit”- gloves, mask, razor, wipes, scissors to enable faster response.


We have registered our defibrillator S/N 18B00003037 with:

  • National Defibrillator Network

  • Norfolk Ambulance Service who are aware of its location and cabinet access code.
    The Ambulance Station, Owen Road, Diss, Norfolk IP22 4ER

  • Suppliers HeartSine Technologies Ltd who provide registration and lifetime warranty support.

Registered Parish Council Contacts

Main Contact

Mr Andrew Milne (Parish Clerk) 5 Soham Road, Stuntney, Ely, CB7 5TP Tel 07929 200079

Backup Contact: Mr Harvey Upton 15 Clarkes Lane Wilburton CB6 3RH Tel 07523 100269

How members of the public access the Cabinet ?

  1. Dial 999.

  2. Give the operator the defibrillator box number DFS-18-0293-SS and post code CB6 3RA

  3. They will give you the alphanumeric unlock code. Punch it into the box’s keypad and pull the handle upwards to open the cabinet.

  4. The paper user manual describes how to operate the SAM 500 using either the grey adult PAD pack or the pink infant PAD.

The alphanumeric code has been given to our lead users – social club, theatre group.


The user manual advises that all users receive training in CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and BLM (basic life support).  watch this short 5 minute video which explains clearly and concisely what to do. I have asked their permission to put a link on our parish website.

Defibrillator Supplier

Andrew Deptford.
The Barns, Swaton, Sleaford, Lincs, NG34 0JP.
01529 421111 – 07860 444099

VAT Registration Nr : 364 584 623

Support Service and Maintenance

Weekly check green status indicator flashes every 5-10 seconds.