09 September Full Council Minutes

09 September Full Council Minutes

Full Council meeting minutes 7 Sept 2022


Minutes of the Full Council Meeting from 7th September 2022 held at St Peter’s Hall, at 7.45pm

Present:  Cllr Attrill, Cllr H Upton, Cllr J Aniskowicz, Cllr Spencer, Cllr Hennessey, Cllr Wilson, Cllr Lambert and Cllr S Morgan

Also Present:  Assistant Clerk (Kara Atkinson) and 1 member of the public.

22-065: Apologies, Acceptance of apologies and declarations of interests

Apologies from the Clerk


22-066: Consider application received for co-option to the Council, 

Mark Duckworth has applied to be a Parish Councillor in Wilburton. Cllr Attrill proposed Mark Duckworth as a Cllr. A vote was taken: 3 against, 5 in favour. Mark Duckworth was elected.

22-067: Delivery by the new councillor of their acceptance of office form

Mark signed the paperwork provided by the Parish Clerk. Cllr Duckworth joined the existing Cllrs and was welcomed by the chair, on behalf of the Parish.

22-068: To approve the minutes of the previous meeting held on 6 July 2022.

The minutes from Meeting held on the 6th July were reviewed and accepted. Proposed by Cllr Spencer, seconded by Cllr Aniskowicz. All Cllrs agreed.


22-069: Public Participation (15 mins) – to accept questions and comments from members of the public and councillors with a prejudicial interest. (max 3 mins per person)

There was public participation.


22-070: Reports from County and District Councillors



22-071: Business Matters

  1. Recreation Field
    1. Consider update on lease – Cllr Attrill

Cllr Attrill updated Cllrs following a meeting between three Cllrs and a representative from the Pell Estate in order to discuss existing items and move ahead, many of these have now been resolved. All Cllrs agreed that Cllr Attrill can make contact with the Parish Council solicitor for further advice.

  1. Discuss dropped kerb, car park and concrete bases for cricket nets, table tennis and basketball

Cllr Morgan is seeking quotes for ongoing planned works. The drop curb application to the District Council has lapsed and needs to be renewed. The grant for the portable floodlights from the FA has been approved, the FA have pledged £680 towards the cost, the Parish Council had previously pledged £1,000.

It was proposed that Plan serv to be instructed to complete the associated paperwork ahead of the renewed application for the drop curb application being submitted to East Cambs District Council for the drop curb. Proposed by Cllr Attrill, seconded by Cllr Spencer. All Cllr agreed

  1. Discuss plans on recreation field outfield maintenance

Cllr Wilson will research further options for levelling areas of the field. Cllrs discussed possible options ion appointing a Groundskeeper/Caretaker for the recreation ground and pavilion, this will be revisited at a future date.


  1. Consider quotation for the ‘High’ Priority tree works

Assistant Clerk updated Cllrs on the high priority tree work needed following the Tree Survey of all Parish trees. There are two high priority trees: a horse chestnut at the recreation ground and an ash at the Sandpits.

It was proposed that the quote of £1,063 plus VAT be accepted and the tree work be undertaken. All Cllrs agreed.


  1. Consider requests from Wilburton Football Club

Requests from Wilburton FC were considered: the Council to provide line marker paint predicted, toilet cleaning – including the provision of toilet paper, soap and paper towels, pitch sharing arrangements. Dave Maltby to be asked to make a weekly visit to the pavilion for general caretaking duties. All Cllrs to look in at the recreation ground to note if issues with rabbits and moles and the necessary pest control company be contacted if required.


  1. Allotments, Sandpits and Community Orchard
    1. Discuss plans for a sandpit fire pit

Cllr Morgan will seek further quotes.

  1. Discuss; options to improve the water supply and also consider the well

To be discussed at a future meeting.

  1. Discuss plans for wild flower plugs

Cllr Morgan will research further.

  1. Consider update on Christmas tree and trees by the war memorial

Cllr Morgan updated Cllrs that the trees have been scheduled for delivery in mid September, children from the village school will aid in the planting.


  1. Discuss Kingsley Health Care meeting date for potential development

Cllrs have been offered two dates to hear the proposal in October with a public consultation to follow the following day at St Peter’s Hall.

  1. Approval of Emergency tree work at the recreation field

Assistant Clerk updated Cllrs on the emergency tree works needed at the recreation ground after a branch fell. The tree report received the day before the incident recommended the tree be felled.

It was proposed that the quote be accepted and the work be carried out, at a cost of £531 plus VAT. All Cllrs agreed.

  1. Discuss plans for Witchford Byway 7 and Byway 14 Wilburton linking from pools road

Cllr Attrill to further investigate.

  1. Consider Fireworks update

Cllr Hennessey to be the second Parish Council representative on the Fireworks.

  1. Discuss plans for Minor works to the hall – gable end and flat roof

Cllrs Upton and Morgan shared the issues with the hall. Cllrs will further investigate in order to resolve the issue.

  1. Consider Hall speaker system update – Cllr Upton

Cllr Upton updated Cllrs on progress.

  1. Discuss Led light in the emergency sign/Fire exit at the hall

Cllr Upton updated Cllrs on the work scheduled.

  1. Discuss Social Club replacement lighting

Cllrs discussed the issue around the replacing of lightbulbs in the key areas.

  1. Consider update on listing Kings Head as a community asset and Freehouse consultation

Cllr Attrill is working further on this in the coming weeks. Thanks to all those that have helped

  1. Consider MVAS update- Cllr Upton

Cllr Upton still awaiting a delivery date for the 3 new units.

  1. Discuss speed limit repeater signs

Cllrs discussed the need for repeater signs. Cllr Upton to research further.

  1. Consider update on Lorry Watch

Cllr Attrill updated Cllrs on the progress of Lorry Watch, there have been successes with some haulage companies taking alternative routes.

  1. Consider website and online booking update

The clerk is continuing to work on updates for the website.

  1. Discuss Parish Council email addresses

All Cllrs are now able to access their PC email. Cllr Duckworth will be given a WPC email address.

  1. Consider update on cleared bench on High Street and to thank those that helped

Cllr Attrill expressed his thanks on behalf of the Parish for those Cllrs; Morgan, Upton and Wilson, who helped on the work day. Cllr Upton and the Assistant Clerk to look at options for a replacement bench.


22-072: Agenda items for next meeting

Warm banks

Recreation Ground Lease

Cemetery Path

Water sources at the allotment

Kingsley Health Care

Speakers, Emergency Lights and social club lighting

Beer Festival beneficiaries

22-073: Councillors Questions – To receive any comments or questions from the Councillors


22-074: Date of next meeting

5th October