At the parish council meeting of 15th November 2017 it was RESOLVED by the council members to apply for approval from the Secretary of State for Communities for a PWLB loan of £55,000 up to 30 years for part-funding of the parish-owned Village Hall improvement project. £86,000 has already been secured in grants. The annual loan repayments will come to around £3,268. The annual hall letting fees of £5,424(in 2015/16), will be enough to cover the loan repayments. The initial loan repayments will come from available reserves. The Parish Council would like to seek your views and opinions on the project and associated PWLB application to DCLG if you have any by post, email or by following the contact us link below

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Wilburton LogoWilburton Parish Council welcomes you to our village website. It contains information about the parish council, groups, business, churches and events. If there is any information you are looking for but can’t find it on this site please contact the parish council to suggest any improvements.Wilburton is a small village in East Cambridgeshire of around 550 houses. It is well known for its fundraising events – Wilburton Beer Festival and Wilburton Fireworks Night.The village has plenty of groups (from Brownies to Over 60’s Club) and activities to get involved in. See the What’s On page for more information on events.More detail can be found on the following pages:HistoryOpen Spaces and ParksAllotments

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