Full Council Agenda 3 November 2021

2021AgendasNovember 2021 Uploaded on November 3, 2021

Chair of the meeting: Cllr Anthea Dodson
Clerk: Mr R Zvauya
3 The Brook, Sutton, Ely, Cambs, CB6 2PU

There will be a Full Council meeting to which all members are summoned to attend
Date, Time: Wednesday 3rd November 2021, 8PM
Venue: St Peters Hall
Members of the press and public are welcome to attend the meeting except for any specific item deemed to be confidential. The press and public may not speak when the council is in session, but they can make points relating to agenda items in the allocated time of 15 minutes.

21-072: Apologies, Acceptance of apologies and declarations of interests
21-073: Consider application received for co-option to the Council,
21-074: Delivery by the new councillor of their acceptance of office form
21-075: To approve the minutes of the previous meeting held on 6
st October 2021.
21-076: Public Participation (15 mins) – to accept questions and comments from members of the public and councillors with a prejudicial interest. (max 3 mins per person)
21-077: Reports from County and District Councillors
21-078: Business Matters
1. Recreation Field and Recreation Improvement Group
a) Consider lease update
b) Discuss Recreation Improvement Group future meetings
c) Consider quotes for tree work
d) Discuss container siting at the recreation field
e) Discuss floodlights at the recreation field
f) Consider gates updates
g) Consider update on grass cutting schedule
2. Consider Allotments, Sandpits and Community Orchard update
a) Consider update on Life on the Old West
b) Consider bird boxes update
c) Consider update on the grant for flower planting in Wilburton and Life on the Old West wild flower plants including wild flowers on park – Cllr Hennessy
3. LHI Bid 2021/22 (40 to 30mph on Stratham Road)– consider update – Cllr Spencer
4. LHI Bid 2022/23 – consider update – Cllr Dodson
5. Consider update on new Website Cllr Upton
6. A1123 reduction to B road
a) Consider email from Stephen Thompson, Haddenham Parish Council
b) Discuss concerns to write to the County Council
7. Discuss purchase of Christmas Tree and putting it and the lights up.
8. Consider footpaths update – Cllr Spencer
9. Cemetery
a) Discuss winter maintenance plan

21-079: Agenda items for next meeting
21-080: Councillors Questions – To receive any comments or questions from the Councillors
21-081: Date of next meeting
Please note that copies of minutes can be obtained from the Parish Clerk or by visiting our Website at
Signed: R Zvauya Date: 29/10/202