February 2022 Full Council

Uploaded on March 9, 2022

February Minutes Full Council 2022


Minutes of the Full Council Meeting, 2nd February 2022 held at St Peter’s Hall, at 8.00pm

Present:  Cllr A Dodson, Cllr S Morgan, Cllr Attrill, Cllr Spencer, Cllr Henessey, Cllr Aniskowicz.

Also Present:  Clerk (Rixon Zvauya) Assistant Clerk (Kara Atkinson) and 0 member of the public.

22-011: Apologies, Acceptance of apologies and declarations of interests

Cllr Upton sent his apologies.

22-012: Consider Co-option to the Council, applications received

Henry Wilson has applied to be a Parish Councillor in Wilburton. Proposed by Cllr Dodson and seconded by Cllr Spencer. All Cllrs agreed.

22-013: Delivery by the new councillors of their acceptance of office form

Henry signed the paperwork provided by the Parish Clerk. Cllr Wilson joined the existing Cllrs and was welcomed by the chair, on behalf of the Parish.

22-014: To approve of the minutes of previous Full Council Meeting on 5th January 2021

The Full Council minutes from the 5th January were reviewed and accepted. Proposed by Cllr Attrill, seconded by Cllr Aniskowicz. All Cllrs agreed.

22-015: Public Participation (15 mins) – to accept questions and comments from members of the public and councillors with a prejudicial interest. (max 3 mins per person)

There was no public participation.

22-016: Business Matters

 1.Recreation Field

a) Consider lease update

For the benefit of new Cllrs joining the Parish in recent months Cllrs heard a summary of the lease journey.  Still awaiting response from Pell Estate

b) Consider update on tree work

The Maple has been felled; wood has been used at Wilburton Primary School for Forest School, the sandpits an Little Thetford Forest School

Assistant Clerk to ask East Cambs Trading Company when the rest of the work will be taking place.

c) Consider update on ROSPA

Waiting for prices for the work.

 2.Consider Allotments, Sandpits and Community Orchard update

a) Consider update on planting and bird boxes – Cllr Morgan

Two owl boxes have been received; one is up in the Cemetery.

10 fruit trees have been collected to be planted at Berristead green and at the recreation ground for community use.

Dates for a new planting and maintenance day to be emailed round to Cllrs before advertising to the Parish

3.LHI Bid 2021/22 (40 to 30mph on Stretham Road)– consider update – Cllr Spencer

Cllr Spencer had chased but had no update at present

4.Consider update on Grass Cutting Schedule and Wild flower planting- Cllr Morgan/Assist Clerk/Cllr Hennessy

Cutting Berristead Green and playground – avoiding the crocus and daffodil patches – needs to be started a month earlier this year as the grass is already growing

Recreation field – need to cut the grass round the playing equipment and the benches regularly but only a winding path through the trees where wild flower seed is to be planted.

Cllrs discussed the grass cutting schedule, Cllr Dodson to liaise with Trulink with the possibility of a site visit to be scheduled to discuss the changes with them. Assistant Clerk/Cllr Morgan/Cllr Wilson to attend

5.Consider update on yellow lines – Cllr Upton

Cllrs discussed the findings of a meeting between Cll Upton and Highways. Agreed areas for yellow lines are: top of Clarke’s Lane, the bottom (corner) of Clarke’s Lane. Top of Milfield Place to be added


a) Consider scarifying open areas

Cllrs to view the area to see if the area should be scarified.

7.Discuss sale of mower

Strimmer to be retained. Mower a Husquarna LB553 se to be sold, via an advert on the website and the Parish Council facebook page.

8.Consider update on Social Club roof – lead flashing, roof cleaning

One quote has been received, further quotes to be sought

9.Consider update on St Peter’s Hall gable end repair

One quote has been received for repairs, further quotes to be sought

10.Discuss Christmas tree for 2022

Cllr Morgan to meet with a local tree merchant and report back to the council

11.Website update on calendar- Clerk

Cllr Upton and the Parish Clerk attended a seminar on the additional calendar feature for the website. Cllrs discussed the benefits of having this added to the website.

It was resolved that the calendar function be purchased at a cost of £375 (plus VAT). It was proposed by Cllr Dodson and seconded by Cllr Attrill, all Cllrs agreed.


a) 21/01479/VAR Variation of condition 3 of previously approved 05/00500/FUL for the stationing of a mobile home: Pony Lodge Grunty Fen Road

Cllrs objected as this was outside of the planning envelope and was overdevelopment of the site.

 b) 22/00004/FUL Single storey rear extension etc to 29 Clarkes Lane

No objections

 22-017: Agenda items for next meeting

Exploring the possibility of creating a working party WIG

Recreation ground lease

Grass cutting schedule

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations

Christmas tree

LHI 22/23 bid

Yellow Lines

St Peters/Social Club flat roof

St Peters Hall Gable wall

Cemetery – scarify

22-018: Councillors Questions – To receive any comments or questions from the Councillors


22-019: Date of next meeting – Wednesday 2nd March 2022


Meeting closed at 9.50pm