There is an active Speedwatch group in Wilburton. If you would like to get involved contact Stephen Smith

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The following posts contain information on recent sessions in the village

  • New Speedwatch signs for Wilburton














  • 16/06/14 Speedwatch Update

    Your village Speedwatch volunteers continue to operate regularly in the village and now has a programme of twice monthly sessions planned for 2014.The most recent session showed that almost 5% of the vehicles monitored were exceeding the 30mph speed limit by 5mph or more. Suitable letters will be sent to the speeding motorists by the Police later this week. If you want to get involved in Speedwatch please e mail imindoors@aol.com.

  • Speedwatch team in action

    This is the Witchford team at one of their sessions.

    Stephen Smith
    Speedtwatch Co-ordinator

  • Speedwatch in Wilburton

    Interested in joining your local Speedwatch team? It doesn’t take up much of your time but you will be making a valuable contribution to reducing the incidence of speeding motorists in your village. E mail imindoors for more information.

    Stephen Smith
    Speedtwatch Co-ordinator

  • Speedwatch-Ely West

    The team of Speedwatch volunteers continues to grow with more than 50 people involved in the 2014 “campaign”. Regular Speedwatch sessions are now held in Wilburton, Haddenham, Sutton and Witchford and, less frequently in Mepal, Wentworth and Coveney. Watch this page for regular updates and periodic reports of the results from Speedwatch action in your village.

    Stephen Smith
    Speedwatch Co-ordinator

  • General update

    Since the beginning of the year Speedwatch volunteers have been operating in Wilburton and Haddenham. They have observed more than 1000 vehicles and as a result of these sessions the Police have contacted more than 40 speeding motorists, by letter, to warn them of the consequences of speeding.