The following is information from Dews Coaches:

Ely Zipper (ZIP) – Ely – Stretham – Haddenham – Witcham – Ely

Runs Monday to Saturday

Operated by Ron W. Dew & Sons Ltd

Enquiries 01487 740241

On journeys heading from Haddenham to Ely the following points will be recognised stops as and when required.

  • Wilburton, Haddenham Hill (A1123) Bus stop
  • Wilburton, Parish Church, on main A1123
  • Wilburton, High Street Bus stop/Car Pond Lane
  • Wilburton, High Street Bus stop/Station Road
  • Wilburton, Stretham Road/Opposite Millfield Place

On journeys from Ely to Haddenham/Witcham the bus will observe all flagged bus stops closest to the above points, or immediately opposite if no official bus stop pole and flag nearby.


  1. It would be helpful if passengers could stick their arm out as the bus approaches, so it is obvious to the driver they require picking up.
  2. It would be helpful if passengers would make it known to the driver (either verbally or by pressing the bell) of their need for the bus to stop.