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Consultation Feedback Form – May 2019

Would you like to see better recreation facilities in Wilburton? Previously known as the Pavilion Working Group, the Recreation Improvement Group (RIG) is a Working Group of Wilburton Parish Council and was set up 18 months ago to work towards providing long term and sustainable improvements to the village Recreation ground.

Both the Parish Council and the Landowners are jointly committed to upgrading the current facilities and a new lease will be granted to enable applications for grant funding. The Recreation Improvement Group is investigating various options for a new and improved pavilion including a community room, toilets and changing rooms plus youth and adult facilities on the Recreation Ground. Also included in discussion for the proposed scheme would be a designated car parking area and a multi sport all weather pitch facility. These improvements are designed to support a much wider range of groups and individuals than is currently available.

Initial findings in the Community Led Plan have shown there is great interest in improving the pavilion and recreation facilities. As part of a more focused consultation we are speaking to as many groups as possible to help us define need. Do you run a group who would possibly utilise better facilities at the recreation ground? If so we would love to hear from you. In order for any funding / grant contribution of any kind to be obtained from funding bodies, authorities or sporting associations, it is crucial that RIG can prove a need and demand for improved facilities.

Please look out for more updates in the Village Voice and if you run / are part of a group, or would like to set up a group who may wish to use improved recreation facilities please let us know, our email address is

Activity BLOG – Check back here to find out what the latest news is:

  • 30th December 2015

    Meeting with member of Lode PC and fact finding visit to Fassage Pavilion. (CH/JF)

  • 15th December 2015

    Presentation of findings from Great Shelford Pavilion, meeting with BMX club representatives. Discussion of accommodation needs at new pavilion for finalisation of Architectural Brief.

  • 30th November 2015

    Meeting with Samskara Architects for scoping visit to Great Shelford Pavilion.

  • 17th November 2015

    Meeting: Consulting questionnaire has been drawn up for distribution to community groups.

  • 9th November 2015

    Topographical Survey of Recreation Ground completed.

  • 15th October

    CLP Feedback SealTopographical survey company agreed. Feedback from CLP questionnaire circulated to group. Flow chart of actions to be put together. RIG diary update to be put on PC website for more general viewing on progress, updates in Village Voice suggested. Next step is for Funding bodies to be approached for interest and relevance. Clubs to be sent questionnaire for feedback. Update from Cricket Club gained, CC to give update at AGM on 19th Nov. CLP findings on Rec facilities to be passed on to Cricket Club for grant applications. Research done into Riba architect suitability (for discussion at next meeting)

  • September 2015

    Topographical survey of site agreed to be undertaken by Parish Council at Finance Committee. 5 Survey quotes have been obtained, these to be considered and approved for work to be completed before Dec 2015.

  • 24th August 2015

    RIG working group, see meeting notes approved.

  • 4th July 2015

    CLP Feedback SealCommunity Led Plan questionnaire issued to the village. Section on improvements at the Recreation Ground included.

  • 2nd July 2015

    Working Group – General Discussion (KH, JF, JG, CF, CH, PM)

  • 20 May 2015

    Working Group – General Discussion . Cricket Club position main item. (GF, KH, RS, Kara, CH, PM)

  • November 2014

    CLP Feedback SealResults from Community Led Plan consultation published on Facebook and a copy delivered to each household in the village.

  • June 2014

    Statement of position received from Pell Estate.

  • June – July 2014

    CLP Feedback SealVillage consultation for the Community Led Plan, the Recreation Ground attracts the highest percentage of comments from the community as a village facility requiring improvement.

  • 9th June 2014

    Working Group – General Discussion (CF GF KH VK and CH)

  • 12th May 2014

    Summary of PWG activities to date issued by Parish Council.

  • 23rd January 2014

    Working Group – General Discussion about lease, position of the Pell Estate. Layout of the Rec as is, and future site considerations. (CF GF KH VK and CH)

  • 16th October 2013

    Working Group – General Discussion about lease, position of the Pell Estate. Layout of the Rec as is, and future site considerations. (CF GF KH VK and CH)

  • 6th September 2013

    Letter from Pell Estate seeking to re-open discussions about recreation ground improvements and lease.

  • October 2012

    Wilburton “Village Vision” (East Cambridgeshire Local Plan) Identifies improvements to sports ground and open space as top priority item in improving village facilities. (exact ref needed)

  • 2012-13

    East Cambs Play Audit highlights that Wilburton is “deficient in toddler, junior, and youth play provision” (exact ref needed)

  • September 2004

    Renewal of current lease begins (expiry in September 2024) (20year lease granted at the request of the PC, 25years was usual length of lease prior to this)