Wilburton Community Led Plan (Live updates)

This page contains some live feedback on questions as the data is entered into the Community led plan database. When data entry is complete the page will change to reflect this.


Questionnaires entered so far:


Section 2 Q1 – For the High Street (A1123) and Twenty Pence Road (B1049) please tell us how you feel about the following issues :

A Volume of cars
B Volume of HGVs, tractors and other agricultural vehicles
C Mud and / or spoil on road from agricultural vehicles
D Speeding
E Inappropriate parking
F Twenty Pence junction congestion
G No pedestrian crossing on High Street east of Post Office (Stretham side of the Twenty Pence Road)
H Inadequacy of pavements along High Street
I Inadequacy of pavements along Twenty Pence Road

Section 2 Q2 – Would you support any of the following traffic and road safety measures for the High Street (A1123) and Twenty Pence Road (B1049) ? (Please note that some of these may be subject to potential declassification of the High Street to a “B” road when the new Ely Bypass is in operation. Currently certain traffic calming solutions are not permitted on an “A” road.)

Section 2 Q3 – Do you agree with a potential campaign to declassify the A1123 (specifically including the Haddenham – Wilburton – Stretham stretch) into a “B” road?