Election 2019 – Wilburton Parish Council

2019 is an ordinary election year for Wilburton Parish Council. Ordinary elections come around once every 4 years, and all nine of the Wilburton Parish Council seats will be up for election.

Polling day will be on May 2nd 2019.

If you are interested in standing for election please contact the Parish Clerk and ask for a nomination pack. Nomination packs are also available from link below.

Nomination-pack Parishes

The Election Timetable is:


Withdrawal form:


Parish Notice of Election:

Notice Of Election Parish

Notice Of Election District


  1. All nomination papers must be hand delivered to the council offices and an interview room will be made available for people to be seen without making an appointment.
  2. Any nomination papers that are received by post will not be valid under the new legislation
  3. Candidates/Councillors in warded parishes who submit more than one nomination paper must withdraw all but one of their nominations by 4pm on Wednesday 3rd April 2019 and failure to do so by this deadline will result in all of their nomination papers being invalid.
  4. It is mandatory that all elected Councillors must agree to abide by the Parish Council Code of Conduct, sign a Declaration of Acceptance of Office and complete a Register of Interest form.

Below is a brief rundown on the timeline of events and a short FAQ.

Timetable of Proceedings Election 2019
First Date for Submission of Nominations March 27th 2019
Last Date for Submission of Nominations 4pm Wednesday 3rd April 2019
Last Date for Withdrawal of Candidates(Only one application may be submitted) 4pm Wednesday 3rd April 2019
Day of Poll Thursday 2nd May 2019


Q: Why should I stand for election?
 If you are the type of person who is passionate about the village you live in, wants to see tax-payers money spent responsibly, cares about future development and facilities, and wants to try and make a real difference to the community that your Council represents, then you should consider standing.

Q: How do I stand for election?
 You must be nominated by two people who are both on the electoral register for Wilburton.

Q: Are there any qualifications I must meet if I want to stand for election?
 Yes. You must be over 18, a citizen of the EU, Commonwealth or R.O.I, and be on the register of electors for Wilburton or have lived, or worked in the Parish for 12 months preceding your nomination.

Q: How much time will I have to spend attending to duties if I am elected?
 As much as you would like, but around 10 hours per month is normal.

Q: Will I have to attend Parish Council meetings?
 Yes. You will be an elected member of a local authority not a volunteer, and as such you are summoned to meetings, not invited to them.

Q: Do Parish Councillors get paid?
 No – the position is entirely voluntary.

Q: Do Parish Councillors get an allowance?

Q: How will being a Parish Councillor fit around my work?
 Meetings are in the evenings. Additionally your employer is obliged by law to give you time off to attend them.

If you wish further information about being a Parish Councillor or just want a chat, please feel free to contact the Parish Clerk.