A committee is a formal group with an agenda and minutes. A working party reports its business to a council meeting.

The following committees and working groups are part of the council with members serving in these various capacities shown beneath each group.

Finance, Resources and General Purposes (Committee – Quarterly/as required)

  • Hennessy (Chair), Dodson, Howard, Massey, Reynolds

Traffic, Safety and Crime  (Committee – Quarterly/as required)

  • Upton (Chair), Dodson, Hennessy, Stubbs, Forsyth
  • Parishioners, Road/Police Traffic Liaison

Grounds, Litter & Minor Works (Committee – every 6 weeks to 2 months)

  • Upton (Chair), Dodson, Howard, Massey, Parrish, Reynolds, Stubbs

Planning (Committee – Monthly <1 week before Parish Council)

  • Dodson (Chair), Howard, Parrish, Upton

Crime, Anti-Social Behavior & Police Liaison (Working Group – Quarterly)

  • Dodson (Chair), Reynolds, Stubbs
  • Parishioners, Police Crime Liaison

Pavilion (Working Group – 6 weekly/as required)

  • Forsyth (Chair), Hennessy
  • Parishioners, Sports Clubs Representatives and Pell Estate Liaison

Beer Festival (Fundraising Working Group – as required)

  • Hennessy, Forsyth
  • Parishioners

Fireworks  (Fundraising Working Group – as required)

  • Hennessy, Massey, Reynolds
  • Parishioners